LIBOR Moves to Enhance Fair Housing Education Offerings

Nov 15, 2019

In furtherance of its commitment to educational excellence and fair housing, the Long Island Board of REALTORS® (LIBOR) is reviewing its course offerings and the instructors with whom it contracts to teach those courses to ensure that standards are being met.

LIBOR recently initiated a thorough audit of its entire fair housing instruction program to enhance the fair housing education programs made available through its real estate school of education. We are conducting the audit in consultation with independent fair housing experts and are reviewing all aspects of our training program, including the instructors with whom we contract and the curriculum they use.

LIBOR is committed to providing new and experienced real estate agents with high-quality instruction. LIBOR expects that the instructors it contracts with will deliver the curriculum they have developed as it was submitted to LIBOR and approved by the New York Department of State. These expectations are especially critical when it comes to fair housing training, due to its importance to LIBOR and the REALTORS® it represents.

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