Photoshopping Software and the DOS!

Oct 29, 2018

Photo manipulation of pictures taken of your listings that mislead potential buyers could violate DOS Rules and Regulations and the Code of Ethics. 

You must present a true picture in your advertising and marketing so be careful not to use photoshopping software to digitally alter the actual appearance of the property or home.

Here are some Best Practices when using photoshopping software on your listing photos:

  • Do not hide holes in walls or cracks in cement
  • Grass or plants should not be added where they don’t exist
  • Leave all powerlines and telephone lines as is
  • Don’t change paint colors, paint blemishes, or position of lighting fixtures
  • Leave neighboring properties, including street, undisturbed
  • Don’t touch up photos to cover up property imperfections or to repair issues
  • If it’s a permanent fixture or problem, don’t change it
  • Don’t change the appearance of the property or house where it will have a negative impact on the buyers when they view it in person
  • Only remove things like trash cans that can be removed in real life